My Story

     As a child, I found myself being constantly drawn to those images found in the books and magazines of the day.  I was extremely fond of “Life” and “National Geographic”, because of the different places I would betaken to.  I’ve come to realize that it was these images and a single “Introduction to B&W Photography” course, which I took in college to fill an elective; that has nourished the passion I have for this art form.

    Being self-taught and trained, the works by Ansel Adams, Joe McNally and many others have provided a wealth of knowledge into the technical aspects of this art form.  Spending hours in the darkroom (before the digital age), nurtured my technique and understanding about the processing aspects of film and prints. Additionally, my past experience in the portrait and wedding photography fields gives me a well-rounded understanding of the industry as a whole.

    So… it is unlikely you will find me wandering into a “niche” within the photography universe.  Being a jack of all trades in both my personal and photographic life, focusing on just one aspect would not be me.   One day it may be landscapes, the next it may be that spider in the corner.. You never know.  But that’s me..



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